Wednesday, February 08, 2012

volo 0.0.5 released: name changed

volo 0.0.5 is now available, and with it comes a name change.

Previously the command line tool was called volo.js, but now it is just volo. This is a backwards incompatible change, please download the latest using the instructions from the link above.

This release also has gained the ability to auto-convert node modules into AMD format. An example:

volo create example
cd example
volo add mishoo/UglifyJS uglify

Then edit www/js/app.js to be:

requirejs(['uglify'], function (uglify) {
    console.log(uglify("function foo() { var hello = 'world'; return hello; }"));

If you load example/www/index.html in a browser, you will see a console statement with minified content.

This AMD conversion only works well if the target package does not have any nested node_modules dependencies. For those kinds of conversions, you can try the (still experimental) npmrel command that is also in this latest release.

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