Tuesday, January 03, 2012

volo: A JS tool for JS projects

Over the last month I have been playing with a tool to help me make JS-based projects. It is still very early in its development, but it can do a trick or two now, so it might be fun for you to try out too.

volo is a command line tool. It is written as a set of AMD modules that are built into one JS file that runs in node.

Check out the README for more info, but what I like about this project:
  • Just one JS file to install.
  • It uses GitHub as the code registry.
  • You can create new commands for it (using volo) and if you put your commands on GitHub it is easy for others install them.
Still lots to do and there are lots of sharp edges to it, but it already feels pretty sweet. If you would like to help out, check out the design goals and working the code. Also feel free to give some feedback on some of the more important issues I would like to sort out:
On a side note: I have been on vacation and not checking email. If you are waiting on a reply from me, I should get to it this week.

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