Wednesday, August 29, 2012

volo 0.2.3: semver and a web site

volo, a command line tool to create web projects, add front end dependencies and automate tasks, is now at 0.2.3. Get it via npm:

    npm install -g volo

The complete set of changes are here. The notable ones:

1. semver ranges can be used with dependencies now. For example:

    volo add requirejs/~2 

will download the latest 2.x version of jrburke/requirejs from GitHub.

2. volo add mentions possible incompatibilities after doing a nested dependency install, and gives commands for manually choosing one of the other versions.

3. volo now has a simple web site that hopefully gives a better idea intro to volo. Many thanks go to James Long for starting the structure and helping to refine its message. There is more to do for the site, but it is already much better than what was there before.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

RequireJS 2.0.6 released

RequireJS 2.0.6 is available.

The main focus of this release was cleaning up some rough edges in the r.js optimizer after switching to esprima for all module parsing/tracing. Most notably, the findNestedDependencies build option should work correctly again. The bundled UglifyJS was updated to 1.3.3 too.

Complete list of fixes:

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

RequireJS 2.0.5 released

RequireJS 2.0.5 is available, along with almond 0.1.2 that matches the 2.0.5 behavior.

The most notable changes:
Complete listing of: