Monday, March 14, 2011

RequireJS 0.24.0 Released

RequireJS 0.24.0 is available for download.

Themes for this release: IE 9, better jQuery integration, better loader plugins, and a CoffeeScript plugin:
  • Support for IE 9. It has a non-conformant script loading behavior that necessitated the change. It would be ideal if IE 9 would change the behavior to be conformant.
  • Changes to jQuery integration:
    • jQuery 1.5.1 included in sample project.
    • No more bundled RequireJS and jQuery file. RequireJS includes special code to detect jQuery as a module, so the combined file is not necessary, and this approach makes it easier to swap in new versions of jQuery as they are released.
    • Because of that change, the jQuery sample project uses the new priority: config approach.
  • allplugins-require.js has been removed. Plugins are no longer bundled with require.js or in the sample jQuery project. There are separate download links to the existing plugins on the download page. Special treatment of these plugins has also been removed from the require.js source, so those plugins behave like any other loader plugin.
  • There is now a CoffeScript plugin. It makes it easy to code in CoffeeScript in the browser, it can participate in the optimizer optimizations, and it works in Node and Rhino. This is the best way to do cross-environment, modular CoffeeScript.
  • Bug fixes.

This release is the "release candidate" for RequireJS 1.0, so please give it a whirl. There may be some small tweaks for the final release, particularly around how the optimizer is packaged, but if this release holds up well, RequireJS 1.0 should be out in about a month.