Saturday, August 18, 2012

RequireJS 2.0.6 released

RequireJS 2.0.6 is available.

The main focus of this release was cleaning up some rough edges in the r.js optimizer after switching to esprima for all module parsing/tracing. Most notably, the findNestedDependencies build option should work correctly again. The bundled UglifyJS was updated to 1.3.3 too.

Complete list of fixes:


Rokie said...

Hi James,
require JS is very well, but it seems like bigger for me

,because I just wanna run it on mobile. so I just need to run

this functions as follow:

require([], function(){});

define([], function(){});

baseUrl: "./",
paths: {}

can you relase a special version that can run it.

James Burke said...

Rokie: yes it is perfectly reasonable to use a smaller AMD API provider after a build. I normally use almond for that. If almond is still too big for you, you could use it as a base and strip out things you may not use, like loader plugin support.