Tuesday, June 12, 2012

RequireJS 2.0.2 released

 RequireJS 2.0.2 is available.

More bug fixes, thanks to the community for really putting it through its paces.

Notable change for the optimizer: The "dir" output directory is now deleted before each build run, if it exists. This is done to avoid problems with transforms via onBuildRead/onBuildWrite that made it difficult to do incremental builds. If you want to keep the "dir" directory between optimizer runs, then set "keepBuildDir" to true.

Complete list of changes:


Anonymous said...

Wow, the CJS modules wrapping is big news! I'd think that's 2.1 at least :)

James Burke said...

Domenic: it was a tough call for me -- a 2.1 may suggest other changes in the loader behavior, where that transform addition was more of just like a built in "onBuildWrite" addition, calling a module that already existed in the r.js file. So I opted for 2.0.2.

But I probably should have called out that new transform option a bit more, as some folks may want to try it.

Thanks for hightlighting it more.