Thursday, May 03, 2012

Web app template update, now with GitHub auth

This is a quick update about the latest version of the web app template I have been working on.

You can check out some background on this app template from the previous post.

The big change since that last post: Dan Mosedale had some good feedback about treating GitHub Pages as a deploy target, so I changed around the template to do do that.

As part of these changes, volo has a new release 0.1.2 that has support for doing GitHub authorization to do OAuth-based API calls with GitHub. The app template uses this to create a GitHub repo on the fly for GitHub pages deployment.

The nice thing about this setup is that the app creation is simpler (no more questions), and you can decide later to deploy to GitHub pages without needing to make the decision up front:

See the video for a more complete walkthrough, but basically to get started now it just looks like this:

volo create myproject volojs/create-responsive-template
cd myproject
volo appcache (generates the appcache-enabled build)
volo ghdeploy (copies the built contents and pushes them to GitHub Pages)

Useful links from the video:

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