Friday, April 20, 2012

RequireJS 1.0.8 released

RequireJS 1.0.8 is available.

It has been about two months since the last release, and there were some issues in the queue that would be nice to have fixed while I work on the release.

1.0.8 Release Notes

On, I have started "dev2.0" branches to play with the next bigger release for RequireJS and the r.js optimizer. The support for the AMD APIs will be stable. The main focus is on reevaluating some of the configuration options for the loader and how and when it resolves modules internally.

I was thinking of doing the changes as part of a 1.1 release, but since I'm thinking of possibly removing some config options, I am doing the work in "2.0" dev branches while I experiment, since semver conventions ask that the major version changes if there are backwards incompatible changes.

But again, those incompatible changes would only be around the configuration options used for the loader. The AMD API support will remain stable. I am also not sure how much will actually change, still experimenting with implementation. I will post a longer update once I feel confident of a plan going forward, and when it will be easier to give feedback on the direction.


Thang said...

Did you test the new released with IE10 customer preview ?
It seems that it does not work with "order" plugin.
Scripts are always loaded in Asyn mode.

James Burke said...

Thang: thanks for opening an issue on this, see the discussion in that ticket, ticket 248.

Jordan said...

Hi James,
Thanks for continuing work on this project. I am curious to know about the jQuery specific code in requirejs. Do you plan on keeping it around in requirejs 2.0 or adding config options to disable/enable it?

Thanks for all your hard work,

James Burke said...

Jordan: I plan on removing most of the special jQuery hooks in the 2.0 code. I will still support locking the version that is registered to the loader (the jQuery version config option), but plan on removing the other code that held up the readyWait code and see if that is a problem. If it is then I am thinking of providing an adapter that can be loaded that will do that work instead of always having it part of the core require.js.

Jordan said...


Thats awesome. It's pretty much exactly what I was hoping for.


Geraldo Lopes de Souza said...

Thank you for RequireJS and the effort of assuring Jquery's integration with AMD. (