Sunday, October 17, 2010

RequireJS 0.14.5 Released

RequireJS 0.14.5 is available for download. Primarily a bug fix for the first item below.
  • Fix bug where scripts were not loaded from the correct path. Did not affect RequireJS+jQuery builds, but affected other builds. If you do not use a RequireJS+jQuery build, then it is strongly recommended that you upgrade from 0.14.4 to 0.14.5.
  • Added an urlArgs config option to allow for cache busting when servers/browser misbehave during development.
I apologize for the quick series of releases this week. I should be slowing them down a bit now.


James Long said...

Hey James,

RequireJS looks great. Is there any chance you've stumbled on jMod, a module system I built about a year ago? The module syntax and importing/exporting mechanisms are exactly the same. Maybe we converged on the same ideas separately. :)

You can check it out on github:

I never had time to promote it or polish it off. It looks like RequireJS has the same ideas but implements them more cleverly. Great job!

James Burke said...

James Long: Neat, yes I believe it is a convergence of ideas. Good to know more people are thinking in the same direction.

The roots of RequireJS date back to the Dojo xdomain loader which has been in use for a few years -- it wraps modules in a module wrapper, with the name and dependencies as part of that wrapper.