Friday, April 23, 2010

RequireJS 0.10.0 Released, Node integration

RequireJS 0.10.0 is now available.

The big feature in this release is integration with Node. Now you can use a the same module format for both browser and server side modules. The RequireJS-Node adapter translates existing CommonJS modules on the fly, as they are loaded by the adapter, so you can continue to use server modules written in the CommonJS format for your Node projects.

The RequireJS-Node adapter is freshly baked, so there could be some rough edges with it, but it is exciting to see it work. See the docs for all the details.

0.10.0 also includes support for an excludeShallow option in the optimization tool. This will allow you to do an optimization build during development, but still excludeShallow the specific module you want to develop/debug in the browser. So you can get great debug support in the browser for just that one module, but still load the rest of your JS super-fast. No need for special server transforms.

I will be at the jQuery conference this weekend in Mountain View, CA. I will be speaking on Sunday about jQuery+RequireJS. Stop by and say hi if you are at the conference!

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