Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RequireJS 0.9.0 Released

I just pushed a new release of RequireJS, 0.9.0.

The optimization tool has seen the most change in this release. It sports some CSS optimizations now and it is much more robust. It also includes command line options for optimizing just one JS file or one CSS file.

The other new feature is the support for relative module names for require.def() dependencies. So this kind of call works now:

require.def("my/project/module", ["./dependency1"], function(){});

It will load my/project/dependency1.js. This should help cut down the amount of typing for larger projects that have deep directories of modules.

This release has some backwards-incompatible changes. That was the reason for the bump to 0.9.0. The project is still not at 1.0, so backwards-incompatible changes may still be considered. I do not have any more changes like that planned, but I will be sure to give more notice in the RequireJS list before doing so in the future.

All the details are on the download page.

Raindrop has been updated to the latest RequireJS release, and it is working great. Give the new RequireJS build a spin!

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