Monday, January 16, 2006

Tagneto 0.4.0 Released

The focus on 0.4.0 was on improving and simplifying the Dynamic
Script Request (DSR) API
. From the Release Notes:
  • Significant changes to the DSR API. Decided to go with a reserved global callback handler, onscriptload, to simplify things. Other browser events and the XMLHttpRequest object were used to guide the format and names of the methods and parameters. The result is a much simpler API. A sample usage of the API for RSS and ATOM feeds is described.
  • The Tagneto distribution includes a server/dsr directory. This directory contains a DSR jar that helps servers implement the DSR API for use in web applications that use Java Servlets. A sample WAR file that uses the jar is also included. The JAR and WAR file should run with JRE 1.4+.
  • The Dsr.js file has been updated to the new API.
  • The Tagneto distribution includes the JavaScript libraries in a js directory at the top of the distribution.
  • Tagneto's home page has been updated to use the new DSR js and jar libraries for the "Recent Blog Entries" section.

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